Molly Good

Molly Good

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

PhD candidate

Major Advisor:

William Taylor


Molly is passionate about the conservation and sustainability of fisheries resources at local and global scales. Currently, she is a fish and wildlife biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region in Washington as she completes her PhD.

She completed her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University (MSU) in 2011, and she completed her M.S. in Marine and Environmental Affairs in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington (UW) in 2013. Later that year, she returned to MSU to work on a research project that integrates fisheries ecology, governance, management and policy. Specifically, Molly studies the important yet overlooked and undervalued role and effectiveness of law enforcement in the management of multi-jurisdictional Great Lakes fisheries.Molly has served as the Taylor and Regier Great Lakes Fisheries Fellow, a Future Academic Scholars in Teaching (FAST) Fellow and as the Janice Lee Fenske Excellence in Fisheries Management Fellow.

Affiliated Pages: 

Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability