The MSU Fenske Fellowship: fresh perspectives on fish, management, and law


April 7, 2016 - Author: Molly J. Good

Journal or Book Title: Fisheries

Volume/Issue: 41/4

Page Number(s): 171-172

Year Published: 2016

Professionals from diverse backgrounds must collaborate for the management of fisheries and aquatic ecosystems to be effective. These professionals include researchers, who provide needed science and data, which informs management decisions; managers, who protect and conserve fisheries and aquatic resources for our future use; and policymakers, who communicate important issues and impact change through policy and legislation. These groups of professionals represent some of the key participants in today’s fisheries and aquatic ecosystem management processes. However, an equally significant but often overlooked group of professionals is comprised of law enforcement officials, whose role in fisheries and aquatic resource management processes includes discovering, deterring, and decreasing illegal and environmentally harmful behavior.

DOI: 10.1080/03632415.2016.1159065

Publisher: AFS Press



Molly Good

Molly Good

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