Free soybean cyst nematode diagnosis

Now is the time to consider having a free soybean cyst nematode diagnosis on soybean fields as they are harvested this fall or on wheat fields going into soybeans next year.

October 12, 2011 - Author: Ned Birkey,

Farmers in soybean producing areas of Michigan can receive free soybean cyst nematode (SCN) diagnosis for fields in 2011. This laboratory analysis normally costs $10 per sample, but is paid for by the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee with farmer check-off funds.

In the past seven years, hundreds of fields have been sampled around the state for SCN. Many of these samples have had a low, medium or high infestation. This level of infestation is a very important piece of information as it suggests the future crop rotation plans for that field.

Now is a great time to sample wheat fields that might be going into soybeans in 2012 or sample in soybeans fields as they are harvested this fall. Farmers who had poorer than expected yields and who did not observe any unusual above-ground plant problems should now consider below-ground symptoms such as SCN.

Farmers interested in sampling soybean fields should collect some soil and root mixture from suspected areas of fields that showed yellow or stunted plants. Dig up about one quart of mix for each sample. Do not dry this soil mix out or leave it in a plastic bag out in the sun. This sample should be placed in a cool, shaded location until it is sent to MSU Diagnostic Services for analysis.

Special forms need to be used for this free program and are available at your county MSU Extension office. Or contact the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee office at 989-652-3294 to request sample bags and forms.

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