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March 10, 2016 - Author: Lisa Peterson; Molly J. Good; Kathryn Frens; Zachary Curtis

Journal or Book Title: MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Spotlight

Volume/Issue: 12

Page Number(s): 22-24

Year Published: 2016

“Promote positive change, economic vitality, resource conservation, and enhance the quality of life in Michigan by encouraging leadership for the common good.” That is the mission of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy (GLLA) conducted by the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Through two programs, the Emerging Leader Program (ELP) and the Leadership Advancement Program (LAP), the GLLA brings together current and potential leaders from a variety of sectors to broaden their conservation perspectives and teach them the necessary skills to tackle the multitude of environmental, social, and cultural issues Michigan (and the world) face today. Since 2004, the GLLA has developed bold leaders capable of envisioning and implementing solutions for the common good. In April 2015, twenty-four eager participants came together in Hastings, Michigan for their first of three sessions of the ELP. The ELP included participants representing diverse employers such as state and federal agencies, non-pro t organizations, tribal groups, MSU Extension groups, and MSU graduate students, which provided us with an opportunity to network with individuals from many sectors. As anticipated, we did learn tips and tricks for planning a productive meeting, designing an agenda, facilitating discussions, and other classic leadership skills, but the GLLA pushed us further than that. Our GLLA cohort delved into complex and challenging topics, such as emotional resiliency and recognizing behavioral traits in ourselves and the people around us, diversity and the difference between equality and equity, and what it means to lead for the common good. Through difficult conversations and often emotionally draining days, these twenty-four once-eager participants transformed into a supportive and strongly bonded group of leaders. To give you a snapshot of our GLLA experience, four MSU graduate students discuss their perspectives on lessons learned from the 2015 GLLA.

Publisher: MSU Fisheries and Wildlife


Tags: center for systems integration and sustainability


Molly Good

Molly Good

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