July 30, 2019 -

Disinfecting best practices: 

  • Clean before you disinfect: dirt and manure need to be removed prior to the use of any disinfectant. 
  • Use disinfectants safely: disinfectants should always be used under the direction of an adult and follow the direction on the label. 
  • Clean common areas: scales and wash racks should be cleaned daily during the event. It's best to clean wash racks at night, to allow them to dry. Scales should be cleaned in-between groups when animals are being checked-in. 
  • Limit the sharing of equipment: exhibitors should be discouraged from sharing equipment. If equipment is shared, it should be disinfected between groups. 
  • Disinfect before and after: equipment and facilities should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use at events. 
  • Designate "clean" and "dirty" areas: when equipment is being disinfected, designate a clean area to prevent items from exposure to hands, boots and other items that are dirty. 
  • Pay attention to contact times: every disinfectant has an amount of time it takes in order to be effective. Disinfectant do not instantaneously kill germs. Check the label or product manufacturer for the contact time. 

Common disinfectants: 

  • DC&R, Zephiran, Tek Trol, Virkon-S, One Stroke Environ, Husky 800, Synergizer, and accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP), commonly known as Accel or Rescue. 
  • Bleach (such as Clorox) at a rate of 1:32 which is a half-cup (4 oz.) to one gallon of water. Dish or laundry soap can be added to the mixture. Do NOT add ammonia to bleach/water mixture. 
  • For poultry: disinfect with a phenolic disinfectant (like Pine-Sol) solution. 

To ensure you are effectively killing any harmful germs, make sure you follow the three golden rules of disinfectants: 

  1. ALWAYS remove dirt first. 
  2. NEVER mix disinfectants. 
  3. ALWAYS follow the label. 


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