Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration and Energy Conversion

Segment: 6. Plant & Animal Physiology, Standard: Apply knowledge of plant physiology and energy conversion to plant systems. (Technical II.A.3) Apply knowledge of plant physiology and energy conservation to plant systems activities. (Pathway II.B.3)


Photosynthesis is the process by which energy is converted to chemical energy in plant cells.  In cellular respiration plants use the chemical energy stored during photosynthesis in basic life processes. During both photosynthesis and cellular respiration, energy is converted. Plant management also relies on light-dependent and light-independent reactions of photosynthesis.


  • Kahoot
  • NGSS alignment: NGSS Link: HS-LS2-5
    • (a) Chloroplast cut out & paste activity from teachers pay teachers
    • (b) stomata lab (where you paint the leaves with clear nail polish)
    • (c) Photosynthesis Chemistry Model from
  • Great Calvin Cycle Video

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Lecture Discussion, Role Play, Experiment, Game and Simulations





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