Evaluating Hunter Support for Black Bear Restoration in East Texas


November 24, 2009 - Author: Anita Morzillo; Angela G. Mertig; Nathan Garner;

Journal or Book Title: Human Dimensions of Wildlife

Keywords: attitudes; black bear; hunting; restoration; Texas

Volume/Issue: 14/6

Page Number(s): 407-418

Year Published: 2009

Hunters are an influential interest group in wildlife management. Little is known, however, about
variation in attitudes toward species restoration among hunters in regard to either specific hunting
interests or restoration of black bear. We surveyed 1,006 East Texas residents to assess hunter
support for restoration of black bear populations in East Texas and hunter interest in hunting black
bears. Because we defined hunters broadly, our study included hunters who were demographically
dissimilar to those in other studies. Sixty-one percent of hunters supported black bear restoration.
Among hunters, restoration support was twice as great among those interested versus not
interested in hunting black bears. Our results highlight the importance of measurement differences
in determining the boundaries of particular stakeholder groups and reinforce the importance of
hunting specialization in influencing management attitudes

DOI: 10.1080/10871200903096189

Type of Publication: Journal Article



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