Fair and Exhibition Animal Health Planning Guide


January 11, 2018 - <ockertka@msu.edu>

Protecting animal and human health is a main priority for Michigan fairs and exhibitions. Furthermore, several pieces of Michigan legislation outline regulations that require the protection of both animal and human health by law. To ensure that legal requirements are followed and fairs and exhibitions are prepared in the event of an animal health situation, creating an animal health plan in advance is an important preventive step that will increase the likelihood of a positive response.  

The Fair and Exhibition Animal Health Planning Guide provides an outline for the planning process, specific questions to address at each of the planning sessions, and suggested text for a plan. All of these resources are designed to make it easier for fairs, exhibitions and their local partners to create an animal health response emergency plan for their fair or exhibition. 

In addition to the complete guide, two supplemental documents are also available as sample resources for fairs and exhibitions to reflect on as they move through the guide. These include: 

The Fair and Exhibition Animal Health Planning Guide was originally created in 2009 by the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Emergency Management Team. This document was revised in 2017 by a team of professionals from MSU Extension, Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Michigan Association of Health and Human Services. 



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