Food System Transformation and the Smallholder Farmer in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities


December 6, 2017 - Author:

David Tschirley
Food system transformation and the smallholder farmer in Africa: Challenges and opportunities

Presentation at regional gathering of WFP heads of country programs
Nairobi, Kenya, December 6, 2017

Food is becoming more purchased
About 50% in rural areas of Africa (by value)

Food is becoming more perishable
Non-cereals/pulses are 50% to 70% of diets in value terms

Food is becoming more processed and prepared

  • Processed: 50% to 65% of all food; 70% to 80% of purchased food
  • Food away from home:  exceeds 15% in some countries of ESA
  • Growing everywhere more rapidly than any other category


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David Tschirley

David Tschirley

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