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Grain Marketing Basics Workshop

July 12, 2021 - Author: Matthew Gammans, Michigan State University

The Grain Marketing Basics Workshop offered three sessions from February 23rd through March 9th of 2021.  Presented by Dr. Matthew Gammans of Michigan State University, the sessions focused on understanding the grain markets, pricing decision tools, and how producers can develop a marketing plan.

Session 1: Grain Marketing Fundamentals

The first session focused on FUNDAMENTALS of grain marketing: Futures prices, cash prices, and basis.  A video recording of the session is provided below: 


Session 2: Grain Marketing Strategies

The second session focused on STRATEGIES of grain marketing, including the use of pricing decision tools.  A video recording of the session is provided below:


Session 3: Grain Marketing Applications

The third session focused on APPLICATIONS of the strategies learned in session two and how to determine which tools provided the best assistance in different scenarios.  A video recording of the session is provided below:

Also available are several handouts provided as part of the presentation materials:

Forward Pricing Alternatives Worksheet

Hedge Table Worksheet

Pricing Decision Chart for Cash Product Sellers


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