How Might We Explore Improvements to Input Delivery and Antestia Bug / Potato Taste Defect Control?

May 5, 2016 - AGLC Team

Backgrounder 4: How might we explore improvements to input delivery and antestia bug / Potato Taste Defect control? June 2017


1. Not all coffee farmers receive fertilizer and pesticide. For those that do receive inputs from CEPAR / NAEB, they receive far less than the recommended dosage. The small volume of inputs distributed is a major barrier to coffee quality and productivity.
2. Coffee farmers often consider the inputs they receive from CEPAR / NAEB as “free,” even though farmers pay for them through the export tax. Farmers very rarely have the incentive to spend their own money on fertilizer and pesticide.
3. With limited access to inputs, farmers are not applying the proper doses of fertilizer and pesticide consistently to all fields, nor are they applying consistently throughout the year. Inconsistent and incorrect application can negatively impact productivity, profits, and human and environmental safety.

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