How Might We Promote Long-term Sustainability in Rwanda’s Coffee Sector?

February 28, 2017 - AGLC Team

Backgrounder 6: How might we promote long-term sustainability in Rwanda’s coffee sector? March 2017


1. What changes will be required to raise and stabilize producer prices so that coffee farmers will invest in their coffee plantations in ways that increase productivity and bring sustainability to the sector?
2. Restoring coffee as a pillar for rural economic growth will require a major commitment from both public and private stakeholders in the coffee sector. What steps can be taken by stakeholders to bring back coffee as a flagship export crop?
3. There is a need to experiment with alternative cherry pricing schemes that reward coffee farmers with higher prices for high quality cherry. Currently, most washing stations do not offer quality-based pricing, so farmers have little incentive to adopt practices that yield better cherry

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