Integrating ecology with human demography, behavior, and socioeconomics: Needs and approaches


January 1, 2001 - Author:

Journal or Book Title: Ecological Modelling

Keywords: Integration; Ecology; Human demography; Human behavior; Sociology; Economics; Modeling; Simulation

Volume/Issue: 140

Page Number(s): 1-8

Year Published: 2001

Humans have directly or indirectly affected almost every corner of the earth, through various activities. As a result, ecologists’ traditional subjects of study (e.g., ‘natural’ or pristine ecosystems) are disappearing, and human-dominated or -influenced ecosystems are inevitably and increasingly becoming their new focus of study. This paper discusses an urgent need to integrate ecology with human demography, behavior, and socioeconomics in order to understand and manage ecological patterns and processes. It also introduces the ten papers in this special issue, which integrate ecological, human demographic, behavioral, social, and economic factors through computer modeling and simulation. Finally, this paper provides some perspectives on further integration across disciplines.

Type of Publication: Journal Article


Tags: center for systems integration and sustainability, ecology, economics, human behavior, human demography, integration, modeling, simulation, sociology



Jianguo "Jack" Liu

Jianguo Liu

Jianguo Liu

Jianguo Liu

Jianguo Liu

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