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Managing Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in Homes & Gardens


September 29, 2020 - <>

Pest details

Scientific name: Halyomorpha halys
Common name: brown marmorated stink bug

About this factsheet

The brown marmorated stink bug is a shield-shaped insect, about the size of a US dime that uses its piercing mouthparts to suck plant juices from fruits, fruiting vegetables, seed pods and nuts on a wide variety of wild and cultivated plants. It was accidentally brought to North America from Asia sometime before 1996 and was first detected in Michigan in 2010. As of August 2020, it has been found in all Michigan counties and is well-established in the southern part of the Lower Peninsula. Many Michigan residents may notice this insect crawling around inside and outside their homes starting in early fall when they seek shelter for the winter. This fact sheet will provide information and advice to Michigan residents for dealing with this relatively new pest.

An earlier version of this factsheet was written by Paul Botch, MSU Department of Entomology, and Diane Brown, MSU Extension. This revision was led by Julianna Wilson, MSU Department Entomology, and reviewed by Michael Reinke, Amy Irish-Brown, and Rebecca Finneran, MSU Extension.



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