Michigan 4-H Embryology Course: Navigating the D2L Program

February 24, 2021 - Author:

After opening the D2L course, please read the Announcements section and review the introduction.  After that, click Content in the top menu bar to open the course. 

A screen shot of the D2L course with a circle around the Content button and Announcements section.

On the side panel, you will see a menu of each section of the program.  By clicking on the Table of Contents, you can view the entire content of the course.

Picture of D2L course side navigation with Table of Contents highlighted.

Please click on Welcome! Start Here first to register; this must be done in order to begin the course. Under this section you will also find the program calendar. This resource will show you how to use the course on a weekly basis, including when to prepare your incubator (if using one in the classroom), when to start incubating the eggs, and when to expect the hatch. Not only will this help you prepare and conduct the embryology project, it may also be a great learning resource for students as a visual timeline of the incubation process. 

Once registered, click on Curriculum and Resources to find a supplemental embryology curriculum by University of Virginia Extension along with worksheet answer keys. Under the "Additional Resources" subsection, a student completion certificate can be found to print and present upon completion of the project. Additionally, there are reading resources and videos of fun chick-related books read by MSU Extension staff and other leaders in Michigan who support the educational efforts of 4-H. 

Explore the content of the program to make sure you are getting the most out of the course. Each of the six parts include worksheets, videos and additional resources as well as a “Discussion Topic” option, where you can interact with other users by posting questions and reading other questions and answers. This will provide additional support for troubleshooting and connecting with others using the program. 

*Please note: D2L doesn’t always update course progress. Please don’t rely on the percentage complete or the checkmark as an accurate indicator of how much of the course you have completed.  

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