Michigan Forest Biofuels Research

April 13, 2012

The Michigan Forest Biofuels Research project consists of two parallel projects: 1. the Forestry Biofuel Statewide Collaboration Center and the Feedstock Supply Chain Center for Energy Excellence.

The Forestry Biofuel Statewide Collaboration Center focuses on the forest-to-gate processes of turning woody biomass into fuel within the state of Michigan. Certain components of the project, however, are more broadly applicable to other biomass-based energy sectors.  Collaborators on this project include Michigan State UniversityMichigan Technological University, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

The Feedstock Supply Chain Center of Energy Excellence is more specific in its focus, examining the forest-to-gate processes for a biofuel refinery in Kinross, Mich. The research focuses on the area within a 150-mile radius of Kinross and on the supply of pulpwood logs, which will be the principle feedstock for this refinery. This project is geared towards determining the biomass needs and supply chain improvements for this facility, owned by the company Frontier Renewable Resources.  Collaborators for this research include Michigan State UniversityMichigan Technological University, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Frontier Renewable Resources.

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