Michigan Water Stewardship Program

August 13, 2013

What Is the Michigan Water Stewardship Program?

The Michigan Water Stewardship Program (MWSP) is a cooperative effort designed to help individuals reduce the risks of groundwater contamination associated with pesticide and nitrogen fertilizer use. The MWSP is voluntary, locally driven, and designed to address the concerns of indiviudal by maintaining a focus on the financial and technical constraints which drive real-world decisions. The program is funded through fees that are assessed on sales of pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers.

Why Protect Groundwater?

Half of Michigan's residents rely on groundwater for their drinking water. Groundwater also recharges our surface waters, which are used for drinking, as well as habitat for fish and other creatures in rivers, streams and lakes. Preventing groundwater contamination is necessary to sustain our health and quality of life here in the Great Lakes State.

Visit the Michigan Water Stewardship Program website for more information and training opportunities.

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