MSF 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase: Horses - Dept. 17


August 11, 2020

Classes in this department will be evaluated based on videos only. Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds and should be continuous in nature with no narrative. The exhibitors should utilize the camera person as the judge, moving the animal away and around the camera person as they would in a show ring. The video should include all angles of the animal in order for a judge to make an evaluation. Exhibitor should be in the video at all times. Show clothes typical for industry is recommended. More information on how to take a good video can be found at the MSU Extension Virtual Learning showcase and auction website. All videos must be uploaded to Youtube and link entered into the system. Youtube channel should be set to unlisted. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: No equitation patterns will be specified. Equitation videos must show all three gaits (i.e. walk, trot, canter). Please feel free to use any previous video (with or without a pattern) displaying all three gaits. Please select the Download File button for more details and for the showmanship patterns. See the list of classes at the bottom of this page.


  1. All animals must be under the control of the exhibitor and the exhibitor must show awareness of correct procedures to show the animal.
  2. Classes will be judged according to the current 4-H Horse and Pony Project/Show Rules and Regulations
  3. Exhibitors showing in Walk-Trot classes are not allowed to show in any three gaited classes.
  4. Any exhibitor showing in any three-gaited class may not show in any walk-trot class.
  5. It is highly recommended that all 4-H members participating in horse shows and practice events wear protective headgear. Please refer to 4-H rules for specific age/class helmet requirements.

Michigan Horse Council Scholarships

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the Michigan Horse Council, the following scholarships are available to youth who submit an entry in the Michigan State Fair 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase's Department 17: Horses.

  • Two $500 scholarships. The winners will be selected by randomly drawing two names from those of all exhibitors ages 14-19; it is not a competitive award. Horse exhibitors, ages 14-19, will be entered in the drawing when they enter the show.
  • Three professional development awards in the amount of $150 each will be offered to three exhibitors (ages 5-19) who enter at least one entry in the horse division. This is not a competitive award; all horse exhibitors will be entered in the drawing when they enter the show. These awards are to be used for riding lessons or horse-related clinics. The Michigan Horse Council will be a resource to the winners in terms of connecting them to horse trainers in the Michigan Horse Council network as requested.   

Horse Department Class List

01: Halter-Mares
02: Halter-Stallions and Geldings
03: Fitting & Showmanship 5-7, non-competitive
04: Fitting & Showmanship 8-19
05: Fitting & Showing Championship
06: Hunt Seat Pleasure 8-19
07: Hunt Seat Pleasure Championship
08: Walk Trot Hunt Seat Pleasure 8-19
10: Hunt Seat Equitation 8-19
11: Hunt Seat Equitation Championship
12: Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation 8-19
14: Saddle Seat Pleasure 8-19
15: Saddle Seat Pleasure Championship
16: Walk Trot Saddle Seat Pleasure 8-19
18: Saddle Seat Equitation 8-19
19: Saddle Seat Equitation Championship
20: Walk Trot Saddle Seat Equitation 8-19
20: Walk Trot Saddle Seat Equitation 8-20
22: Western Pleasure 8-19
23: Western Pleasure Championship
24: Walk Trot Western Pleasure 8-19
26: Western Horsemanship 8-19
27: Western Horsemanship Championship
28: Walk Trot Western Horsemanship 8-19


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