MSF 4-H & Youth Virtual Showcase: Leadership - Dept. 73


August 11, 2020

Classes in this department will be evaluated based on videos and/or pictures. Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds and should be continuous in nature with no narrative. The exhibitors should utilize the camera person as the judge, moving the animal away and around the camera person as they would in a show ring. The video should include all angles of the animal in order for a judge to make an evaluation. Exhibitor should be in the video at all times. Show clothes typical for industry is recommended. The following photos are recommended: one of exhibitor and project, a front view, back view, profile A and profile B. More information on how to take a good photo and video can be found at the MSU Extension Virtual Learning showcase and auction website. All videos must be uploaded to Youtube and link entered into the system. Youtube channel should be set to unlisted.


  1. The exhibitor is to show leadership skills through a poster and/or demonstration using PowerPoint, photos, pdf file, or video. Examples of exhibit topics, but not limited to: Service as a club/school officer or committee member, event organizer, planning and completing a service project, attendance at educational workshops/clinics or state-wide events, i.e. Capital Experience, Washington Focus.
    1. Leadership-Poster Session, ages 8-12
    2. Leadership-Poster Session, ages 13-19
    3. Leadership-Demonstration, ages 8-12
    4. Leadership-Demonstration, ages 13-19
    5. Leadership-Public Speaking, ages 8-12
    6. Leadership-Public Speaking, ages 13-19


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