Perceptions and exposure to climate events: Evidence from actors along the maize- poultry value chain in Nigeria

April 17, 2020 - Author: Lenis S.O. Liverpool-Tasie, Holly Pummel, Justice A. Tambo, , Olubukola Osuntade

Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O., Pummel, H., Tambo, J.A., Schmitt Olabisi, L. and Osuntade, O. (2020). “Perceptions and exposure to climate events: Evidence from actors along the maize- poultry value chain in Nigeria”. Journal of Environmental Management


Africa's food systems are among the most vulnerable sectors to climate risk. Unfortunately, numerous activities along food supply chains (production, processing, storage, marketing and consumption) are also important contributors to climate change. Despite the differential effect of climate events on activities along food supply chains and vice versa, most climate change perception studies in agriculture focus on producers, particularly crop farmers. This study adopts a value chain perspective to examine climate change perceptions among economic agents all along the maize-poultry value chain in Nigeria. We find that economic agents perceive those climate events that have a direct effect on their economic activity and this is not restricted to crop farmers. We also find that very few actors along the maize-poultry value chain believe that their economic activity negatively affects the environment and contributes to climate change. Though African countries might currently not be major contributors to climate change, this indicates a need for more awareness among economic agents about the effects of various agriculture-related activities on the environment and their contributions to climate change to encourage practices and technologies that can reduce agriculture's negative effect on the environment and contribution to climate change.


Tags: agrifood system transformation, c1-c2, climate change, cross-cutting-climate change, food security group, fsg peer reviewed publications, fsp peer reviewed publications, innovation lab for food security policy, nigeria, value chain analysis


Laura Schmitt Olabisi

Laura Schmitt Olabisi

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