Sample Zoning for Wind Energy Systems 2020


October 11, 2020 - <> and <>

This publication presents a zoning ordinance sample amendment for utility scale wind energy systems and smaller wind electric generation systems for an individual business or home. There are earlier versions of this document. They should not be used. There are significant and important updates and changes to this version. Do not use a version dated prior to November 2017. 

This is a fact sheet developed by experts on the topic(s) covered within MSU Extension.Its intent and use is to assist Michigan communities making public policy decisions on these issues. This work refers to university-based peer reviewed research, when available and conclusive, and based on the parameters of the law as it relates to the topic(s) in Michigan. This document is written for use in Michigan and is based only on Michigan law and statute. One should not assume the concepts and rules or zoning or other regulation by Michigan municipalities and counties apply in other states. In most cases they do not. This is not original research or a study proposing new findings or conclusions.



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