Strategic Choices Shaping Agricultural Performance and Food Security in Myanmar

March 1, 2014 - Author: Haggblade, Steven, , Khin Mar Cho, Glenn Denning, Renate Kloeppinger-Todd

Haggblade, Steven, Duncan Boughton, Khin Mar Cho, Glenn Denning, Renate Kloeppinger-Todd, Zaw 00, Tun Min Sandar, Tin Maung Than. 2014. Strategic Choices Shaping Agricultural Performance and Food Security in Myanmar, Journal of International Affairs, Spring/Summer 2014, Vol. 67, No. 2.


Despite the many transformations taking place in Myanmar, its agricultural sector is lagging. A high proportion of rural households remain poor and food insecure as a result. This article examines the underlying causes of poor agricultural performance through a combination of literature and secondary data review combined with extensive field interviews with a broad range of key informants in the main agricultural zones of the country. We identify key structural changes that are needed to unleash smallholder-led agricultural transformation and broad-based rural economic growth.

Tags: food security group, fsg peer reviewed publications, fsp peer reviewed publications, innovation lab for food security policy, myanmar


Steven Haggblade

Steven Haggblade

Duncan Boughton

Duncan Boughton

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