Views of Private-Land Stewardship among Latinos on the Texas-Tamaulipas Border


December 4, 2010 - Author: M. Nils Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson, Angelica Lopez, and

Journal or Book Title: Environmental Communication

Keywords: Conservation; Gender; Hispanic; Lower Rio Grande Valley; Mexico; Property Rights; Trans-boundary

Volume/Issue: 4/4

Page Number(s): 406-421

Year Published: 2010

Successful conservation efforts require understanding predictors of private-land stewardship (PLS), its definitions, and what people feel they owe stewardship responsibility to. Various strands of research have touched on the concept, but there is little research focusing on how it is communicated and enacted among the lay public, especially among Latinos. We used a case study in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to address this gap by identifying and assessing Latino views of PLS. Our results indicate positive relationships between self-identification as a land steward, male gender, and agricultural-land ownership. Respondents associated PLS with property maintenance (60%), naturalresource conservation (14%), and addressing pollution problems (21%). They viewed PLS as a responsibility owed to family rather than to a larger community.

DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2010.520723

Type of Publication: Journal Article

Publisher: Routledge


Tags: center for systems integration and sustainability, conservation, gender, hispanic, lower rio grande valley, mexico, property rights, trans-boundary



Jianguo "Jack" Liu

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