Planning under Michigan Planning Enabling Acts: The Wexford County example


June 1, 2016 - Alice Dieble, Kurt Schindler

In 2001, for the first time in decades, major amendments were made to Michigan's Planning Enabling Acts. Those changes were retained in the 2008 Michigan Planning Enabling Act. This bulletin will summarize the new statutory process and provide additional suggestions reflecting state-of-the-art public participation for communities to do planning with a high degree of coordination and public involvement. The new statutory requirements can be made into a major advantage for a community doing planning. Wexford County was one of the first counties to prepare a new plan under the new statute requirements. MSU Extension and Extension Victor Institute for Land Use and Development, with a grant from the United States Forest Service, used the Wexford Planning process for research and to assist the county in working with the new procedures to the county's advantage. This bulletin also shares that experience and research to help others learn what worked well. Please make sure your copy is dated March 15, 2018 or newer.


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