Urbanization, Food Systems, and the Diet Transformation in Developing Countries


January 23, 2017 - Author:

David Tschirley, Professor, International Development, co-Director of MSU’s Food Security Group
Keynote Speaker at “Hungry Cities: The Global Revolution in Food Systems”
January 23, 2017, La Jolla, CA
conference organized by the ILSI Research Foundation
Presentation title: “Urbanization, Food Systems and the Diet Transformation in Developing Countries: What do we know, and what do we need to know?”

Videos from the presentation


Tags: agrifood system transformation, c4b, cross-country, diet transformation, food security group, fsg presentations, fsg video, fsp presentations, fsp videos and audios, innovation lab for food security policy, nutrition, urbanization


David Tschirley

David Tschirley

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