The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) programs foster active and experiential learning about agriculture and food system sustainability.

What is Sustainability?








 The living systems of the planet that support our food, fiber, fuel, and future needs.  The health, education, governance and community networks that fulfill our needs.  The expression of human value for natural, human, and financial resources.



CSS 124
CSS 124 students visiting the MSU Student Organic Farm


 CSS 124: Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

... each module has helped me to open my eyes and become much more informed with the different facets of sustainability, food systems, agriculture, and the civil discourse of the many ''wicked problems'' we face in both the US and abroad. Thank you!Anon, Spring 2018

CSS 224: Sustainable Farm & Food System Field Course

Meeting Times

2021 Field Trip dates (tentative - updated August 2, 2021):
SATURDAY September 28th - Local Lansing field trip

FRIDAYS Sept. 10-Oct. 15th, 3-4:30PM

Class will officially end by Oct. 31. 2021




CSS 424
424 students hosting Food Day on MSU Campus


CSS 424: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Integration and Synthesis

Having an end-product that is really going to be utilized as opposed to a hypothetical answer to a problem put before us is really rewarding. Tatum, Fall 2018