CSS 224: Sustainable Farm & Food System Field Course

SAFS offers a 3-credit project-based capstone course that guides students through the process of making a real product or event that fosters a more sustainable food system future. Students experience the research process and realize their agency in creating the pathway to our future goals. The course emphasizes community engagement and interdisciplinary group learning. Each student will be part of a small group working on a semester-long specific project, and interacting with various experts as part of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Seminar Series. Graduate students are welcome.

Contact the SAFS advisor for course, enrollment, and accessibility questions. SAFS is committed to accommodate students of all interests and abilities, and can do this best with plenty of time to plan.

Learning Objectives

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Course Design

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Meeting Time

Fridays, 12:40-3:30pm, Spring Semester

Location may vary due to attending seminars.

Materials and Fees

Reading Materials

Materials will be posted on the D2L site. Shared readings may be decided by students at the beginning of the semester.


Please contact the SAFS advisor with any concerns you may have, and we will work to accommodate you to our greatest capacity. As we may be working with community partners, we want to make sure you have the best fit for your needs.