Farm Management


  • Production Calculators

    • MSU Lamb Profit Calculator
      • MSU Lamb Profit Calculator by Erin Recktenwald and Richard Ehrhardt - This Excel file uses animal numbers and performance, feeding, health inputs, labor, market prices, and a host of other variables to calculate profit per lamb or per ewe on your farm.
      • MSU Lamb Profit Calculator document by Erin Recktenwald and Richard Ehrhardt - This Word file explains how to use the calculator in terms of what data to enter and what results are produced.
    • Forage Budget Calculator
      • Forage budget calculator by Erin Recktenwald - This Excel file allows you to calculate your yearly and monthly forage budget. You can input the number of animals on your farm, their weight and stage of production (pregnant, lactating, open, growing) each month and it will provide you with an estimated forage demand from these animals based on these characteristics. Also, you can input your forage production from up to 7 different fields and it will allow you to estimate monthly forage supply. Finally, the farm forage balance is provided, which can guide your forage harvesting and purchasing decisions.
      • Forage budget calculator explanation - This Word document contains step by step instructions for using the forage budget calculator.