Nutrition Policy

Having policies related to nutrition will ensure that all parties have same understanding of the procedures. It is important that all employees understand and follow the same policies. Having written policies are also helpful when explaining to parents how your center operates. Below you will find resources that will help you set nutrition policies in your home or center.


Best Practices

The resources in this category are the same for all of the following best practices.

  • “Always communicate the nutrition policy to parents, families and visitors.”
  • “Create and maintain a written nutrition policy that is available and followed. Include items from the nutrition key areas.”
Action Guide: For Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies

Summary: A guide for creating policies including rationale, steps for creating policies, and policy recommendations. 
Source:  Connecticut State Department of Education

Creditable and Non-Creditable Cheeses for CACFP

Summary: Explains what is creditable and non-creditable for CACFP cheese.
Source:  Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction   

Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs  

Summary: This Interactive Food Buying Guide makes it easy to searching, navigating food lists for the CACFP program.  A profile can be created to save food items to a favorites list.
Source:  United States Department of Agriculture  

Food Buying Guide Mobile App

Summary:  This link explains how to use a mobile app about food yield information for the Child Nutrition Programs. 
Source:  United States Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition Services

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) Manuals

Summary:  This manual provides the best practice recommendations for each question on the self-assessment. The manuals also include the rationale behind each recommendation, challenges to implementing recommendations, and tips for changing current practice.
Source:  Michigan Healthy Child Care

Model Child Care Health Policies

Summary: Section 4 focuses on nutrition and section 5 focuses on screen time and physical activity.
Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

Sample Child Care Nutrition Policy 

Summary:  A sample policy that allows a center to fill in the blanks and customize to meet their needs.
Source:  SC Child Care Services

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