Current Bugs

Bugs in Version 3.0.3 – Update Oct. 31, 2011

All major bugs in the previous version of the program were fixed in this last release.  The following is a list of current bugs in the program:

Batch print has thousands of pages: If there are more than 4 feeds included in the diet that have less than 80.0% DM, then batch print gives thousands of pages.  This is likely because 80.0% is the threshold for whether alternate amounts are printed on a second page, and 4 feeds will fit on a page for this function, but 5 feeds do not.  If this is a real problem for you, we would like to know.  We can send you our Excel spreadsheet that can be used for printing batch recipes.

Vitamin A requirements.  If you use the program in pounds, the requirement for vitamin A is higher than needed.  We suggest you either ignore the requirement (just go with a standard requirement of 1.6 to 2.5 kIU/pound of DM, depending on animal) or examine whether the requirement is supplied by converting the program to kg.  

Occasionally, we hear about problems related to loading feeds correctly.  The file "config.sys" must be located in the root directory of the library and ration files.  Sometimes, especially if you move files around, this may be lost.  Find the file and copy it to correct directory.