• Developing environmentally friendly disease, pest management

    Field research investigates alternative methods using environmentally friendly tools for disease control. One such disease being leaf rust, which multiplies quickly under the right conditions.

  • Helping growers control insects

    Researchers are studying insect pest issues that affect blueberry, grape, strawberry and raspberry crops in Michigan. The plantings at Trevor Nichols provide the resources for experiments that otherwise would not be accomplished on grower farms.

  • Taking measures to protect fruit trees

    One new and novel delivery system MSU AgBioResearch scientists at Trevor Nichols Research Center are exploring is the application of trunk injection as a superior means of delivering plant protection materials to fruit trees.

  • Trevor Nichols Research Center: An overview

    Ensuring economic viability for the state's fruit growers is the objective of the 156-acre Trevor Nichols Research Center, located three miles from Lake Michigan in southwest Michigan.

  • Effective pheromone pest control

    Researchers at Trevor Nichols Research Center are looking at new ways to deliver pheromones for mating disruption and pest control.