Today’s Mom aims to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of moms-to-be in ways that are sustainable before, during and after pregnancy.

Today's Mom is a nutrition education program for moms-to-be. The leading contributor to infant mortality is low baby birth weight of less than 5 pounds. Today’s Mom teaches moms-to-be nutrition along with healthy lifestyle choices to help ensure successful birth outcomes. Eating well can help moms-to-be have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. In conjunction with diet, physical activity can help them have a more comfortable pregnancy and easier delivery. Today’s Mom aims to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of moms-to-be in ways that are sustainable before, during, and after pregnancy.

Developed by Alabama Cooperative Extension

To join a local Today's Mom class, please contact your local MSU Extension office.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Caring for your baby while you’re pregnant really comes down to one simple task: taking good care of yourself. Pregnancy is a special time in your life. Until you have the baby, you are his or her sole provider. You will be providing for your baby through the foods you eat and your physical activities.

During pregnancy, women experience a number of changes. Hormonal levels change. Blood sugar levels sometimes go wild. The digestive processes slow down and the stomach begins to secrete less acid. These are all part of being pregnant and can cause many of the discomforts experienced.

Today’s Mom is comprised of a series of six lessons, each containing clearly stated goals. Each lesson contains interactive activities designed to help moms-to-be learn to make healthy diet and physical activity choices for themselves and their babies.

Lesson 1: Hello Baby

  • Relief for common pregnancy discomforts
  • How Baby grows from month to month
  • Local community resources that may offer assistance
  • Importance of physical activity when pregnant

Lesson 2: Building Baby

  • Healthy eating for you and your baby
  • Importance of the morning meal
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Importance of relaxation techniques when pregnant and during labor

Lesson 3: Feeding Baby

  • Importance of reading food labels
  • Special nutrient needs during pregnancy
  • Importance of relaxation techniques

Lesson 4: Fun in the Kitchen with Baby

  • Food safety for you and your baby
  • Rapid growth of bacteria
  • Substances that can be harmful, especially during pregnancy
  • Easy menu planning
  • Importance of the Kegel exercise

Lesson 5: On the Run with Baby

  • Making healthy food choices at fast food restaurants
  • Selecting low-fat foods
  • Keeping active throughout pregnancy

Lesson 6: Welcome Home Baby

  • Feeding Baby
  • Appropriate physical activity

All materials used in the lessons follow the most current food recommendations and standards of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the United States Department of Agriculture.


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