Tuscola County Fair

2023 Tuscola County Fair

July 23 - July 29, 2023

Thirty-three years after the nation’s first state fair was held in Detroit, the Tuscola County Fair was organized on March 11, 1882, initially as the Caro District Agricultural Society. On Sept. 19-22, 1882, the fair hosted its first agricultural, industrial and recreational exhibition. Always a primary agricultural attraction, the county fair has displayed new farming equipment and methods, animals, produce and handicrafts on its current site.

Over the years, many volunteer hours have been dedicated to preserving an American heritage, the county fair.

The fair association owes many thanks to these volunteers as well as thanks to many civic organizations, local businesses and governmental agencies.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Tuscola County Fair Association may contact any member of the Board of Directors for information. Our county fair has stood strong for more than 140 years, and together we can continue this long-standing tradition.

2022 Tuscola County Fair Book

2022Tuscola Fair Schedule of Events

2022 Tuscola County Fair Book 

Fair Information & Forms    

Below is a list of some information and forms that may be useful.


Record Sheets

In 2015, the Tuscola County Livestock Committees, for both large and small animals, joined together and revised the structure of our required project record books for market animal projects that will be exhibited and sold at the Tuscola County Fair. The record books listed below will be used for the following market animal projects:

Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Feeder Beef, Poultry and Rabbit

Because the same record book template is used for all of the above listed species, the books have been linked to the age of the 4-H member exhibiting the animal project. 

If you have questions, please contact your club leader or Katie Cooper, Tuscola County’s 4-H program coordinator.

Required Forms


Project Guides

Study Sheets

Tagging Dates for 2022 projects  

All 4-H market large livestock to be exhibited in the Tuscola County Fair must be tagged on the dates established by the appropriate superintendent and approved by the Large Livestock Committee. 4-H enrollment must be completed prior to tagging. Please make appropriate arrangements to have your animals at the designated tagging.

  • Beef -March 5th  from 10  - 11 a.m. at UPI in Cass City - if opting out of Weigh-in / Rate of Gain - required identification pictures are due to MSU Extension office by Friday, Feb. 25, 2022
  • Swine - May 16th - submit Swine project RFID Identification picture and tag documentation sheet to MSU Extension Office.    2022 Swine Information sheet
  • Feeders -  May 16th - submit Feeder project RFID Identification picture and tag documentation sheet to MSU Extension Office.   2022 Feeder Information Sheet
  • Sheep - May 16th  - submit Sheep project scrapie tag identification picture and tag documentation sheet to MSU Extension office.     2022 Sheep Information and tagging Sheet
  • Please contact the appropriate superintendent for questions:
  • Beef - Lonnie Stark  (989) 683-2573 or (989) 670-5607
  • Swine - Carla Schultz  - (989) 553-2295
  • Feeders - Mac Connolly - (989) 551-7458
  • Sheep - Jeremy Glaspie (989)714-8799
  • Dairy- Matt Bennett (989) 823-4810

Electronic Livestock ID Tags    

All livestock in Michigan require a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag effective March 1, 2007. A website has been developed to provide information about the RFID requirements in Michigan. Please visit www.michigananimalid.com for information about how to obtain a premises ID, where to order tags, details about the requirements for use of the tags, how to manage the application of the ear tags, RFID requirements for youth who will exhibit animals at shows and fairs, etc.

NorthStar Cooperative is now selling official RFID eartags. More information about ordering tags through NorthStar Cooperative can be obtained at http://www.northstarcooperative.com/.  Producers may continue to order RFID tags through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development toll free at (866) 870-5136.

Please feel free to contact MSU Extension at (989) 672-3870 with any questions.