2023 Making It In Michigan Start-Up To Watch Award: Downey's Potato Chips

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

I call ourselves a 40-year-old startup, which is great. So we've got a lot of history and legacy under our belt, which we're so proud of. And I think that's just what gives us that really handcrafted family on an operator touch. So Danny's potato chips started in 1984 with rosemary downing Hogarth and her family selling fresh hot tips out of their first store front and Waterford, Michigan. And they were such a hit, they expanded to a larger building, more expensive production. And we've been truly keeping it the same ever since. We are making handcrafted chips every single day, keeping that family owned and operated legacy going. We love our Michigan potato growers were really proud to get all of our potatoes from a family owned and operated business in Three Rivers, Michigan. And we're happy to employ a wonderful team. We would be nowhere without them. So yeah, it's wonderful. The snack categories very crowded and it's tough to be different. But I'm really proud of the fact that we are truly a hand-crafted potato chip. We are frying every single bad by hand every day, sorting through every single chip by hand every day. So that's how we differentiate. We truly have people that care and love this product as much as our customers. And I think that's really what makes us different. We have a wonderful community in Waterford that is supported us for all 40 years of our operation. And they know about us. But it's really about expanding to more Michigan offers. We're really proud to be in Michigan market with such supportive local customers and fans. So you wouldn't know we're here, but we're really proud to be here to where it really keeping this legacy going. That's what we want. We want to be transparent, we want to be friendly, we want to be your local community. Like if there's ever a problem we have with the product, just let us know. We are here. We'll answer the phone when you call. I'm Kelly, and this is my team with Dani's potato chips. We are so proud to win the startup to watch award. Thank you so much for that MSU Extension and MSE product center.