Getting Your Land Ready to Grow Organically - Certified or Not

August 17, 2016

MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with getting your land ready to grow organically - certified or not" Date:  March 23, 2016   

Presenter: Vicki Morrone, organic farming specialist, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems    

This program will focus mostly on soil health and getting your farm’s soil ready to produce organically. Weeds are the greatest challenge for organic systems so getting the soil rich in nutrients and ready to produce crops that offer good weed competition will be a key part of this program. Beyond soil readiness I will demonstrate the steps to build a farm plan for field crops and one for vegetable systems, Each will demonstrate crop rotations to reduce pests and build soil organic matter and nitrogen. To help address your questions I will invite an organic field crop farmer and an organic vegetable farmer to share real life perspectives.