Making Soybean Replanting Decisions

April 3, 2023

This webinar answered the question “When early planting doesn’t work out – Do I replant, repair-plant or leave this pitiful stand?” and walks soybean producers through replanting decisions based on assessing damage and the ability of the crop to recover.

00:21 Welcome & What is Science for Success? – Dr. Rachel Vann, Project Director and Soybean Extension Specialist

03:00 Introduction to Making Replanting Decisions and Plants Ability to Recover – Dr. Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin, Madison

12:00 Weed Management and Seed Availability Considerations – Dr. Jeremy Ross, University of Arkansas

18:30 Cost of Replanting and Yield-Penalty – Dr. Laura Lindsey, The Ohio State University

21:30 What is the Cost of Doing Nothing? – Dr. Manni Singh, Michigan State University

26:30 Summary

28:30 Q&A – Participants and Speaker Responses

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The content is based on the new Science for Success fact sheet "Soybean Plant Stands – Is Replanting Necessary"