Planning Your Own Self-Care

Self-care is unique for all individuals. When creating a plan for your own self-care, there are a variety of options to choose from. Review the ideas below and pick the top four activities that interest you most. Refer back to your individualized self-care plan when you are feeling stressed or to help you relax while grounding yourself. 

A picture of a woman with headphones on

Listen to music

A picture of someone writing in a journal


Photo by Richard Clyborne 
of Music Strive

A picture of a woman staring off into the distance.

Quiet time

A picture of fruit and nuts.

Healthy snacks

A picture of a chocolate bar

Dark chocolate

Picture of a cup of team a book and some flowers.

A cup of tea

 A picture of the words "be you."

Positive self-talk

Picture of a man at a bookstore.

Read a book

A picture of two women walking outside.

Outdoor physical activities

A picture of a teenager meditating.

Meditation or prayer

Picture of a woman with her head resting on a pillow.

Adequate rest and sleep

Picture of a bath with candles and a towel.

Relaxing bath or shower

 Picture of an iPad.

Watch funny or interesting movies/shows

Picture of a thank you note and flowers.

Express gratitude in a note or text

Picture of some candles with essential oils and a cup of tea.

Essential oils or candles

A picture of six individuals standing shoulder to shoulder with their arms around one another looking into the distance.

Identify your support system

Picture of someone coloring

Draw, paint or color a picture

Picture of two feet next to a yellow line.

Set personal boundaries

A picture of three people talking

Talk about feelings 

Picture of two pairs of feet in socks next to a fire.

Relax and put on cozy socks

Picture of two women laughing together.

Time with family and friends

Picture of a man taking a deep breath outside. 

Practice mindfulness

A picture of two people doing yoga.


A picture of indoor house plants