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Planning Your Own Self-Care Worksheet


June 8, 2021 - <>,

Self-care is unique for all individuals. When creating a plan for your own self-care, there are a variety of options to choose from. To get started, pick the top four activities that interest you most and mark them on the provided checklist. Print this checklist out or take a picture so you can refer back to your individualized self-care plan when you are feeling stressed or to help you relax while grounding yourself. 

 Listen to music


Quiet time

Healthy snacks



 Dark chocolate

 A cup of tea

Positive self-talk

 Read a book

Practice mindfulness

Time with family and friends

Outdoor physical activities

Meditation or prayer

Adequate rest and sleep

Relaxing bath or shower

Identify your support system

Talk about feelings

Watch funny or interesting movies/shows

Express gratitude in a note or text

Essential oils or candles

Relax and put on cozy socks

Set personal boundaries

Draw, paint or color a picture



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