The Center is a global leader in research and outreach related to packaging innovation and sustainable systems, resulting in positive environmental effects on the global footprint of packaging and related systems across the supply chain. For every association and organization involved in sustainability a definition of sustainability has been written.  But, for the first time answers to the questions raised through these definitions are forthcoming through the world’s first and only Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability. Born of those definitions are inherent questions: 

  • What are the risks associated with a new packaging material?
  • What is the optimum performance/cost ratio?
  • Should recycled content be based on performance, sustainability, or greatest amount?
  • How do we define “clean” manufacturing technologies?
  • What criteria should be use to compare environmental costs?
  • What are the end-of-life risks?
  • How do we effectively recover and utilize materials, wastes, and packages in closed loops?
  • What specific principles should be considered when designing new, sustainable packages?
  • How is LCA best applied? 

To enable its mission the center will:

  • Conduct cutting edge research that will lead to improved packaging sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of packaging and distribution.
  • Develop scientific criteria and guidelines to assist companies across the supply chain in making sound decisions regarding packaging system applications toward achievement of sustainable outcomes including improving and validating assessment tools.
  • Develop and disseminate credible and authoritative science-based information on innovative sustainable packaging through a multi-disciplinary approach based on the scientific, technical, economic, environmental and ethical aspects of sustainability.
  • Promote education in sustainable packaging at both the student and practicing professional levels.
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