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Packaging students received over $130,000 in scholarships during the 2021-2022 school year! Multiple Scholarships are available through the School of Packaging and eligibility varies. You may apply for more than one scholarship with this single application. Apply only for scholarships for which you are eligible. Award amounts may vary among scholarships, semesters and years. This application is kept on file for the entire academic year.

Scholarships are based on many factors including: academic scholarship, community involvement, packaging study abroad, merit and financial need, so all students are encouraged to apply. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student in the School of Packaging with good academic standing and enrolled for the coming Fall 2022 and/or spring 2023.

The deadline for the 2022-2023 Scholarship Application is September 12th, 2022 by 11:59:pm. Please follow submission instructions on the application.


You will be asked to provide dollar amounts of financial aid.
You must submit supporting documentation (described below) as a separate file(s). 

General Scholarship Application Essay

Submit a 600-700 word essay (PDF FORMAT) with your name in the top right corner.

Title Essay: (LastName_FirstName_Year.pdf) for an example (Spartan_Sparty_GR.pdf)Freshmen: FR, Sophomore: SO, Junior: JR, Senior: SR, Graduate Student: GR​​
Topic: Both prompts must be answered. Previous essays cannot submitted!

  • Prompt One:What Skills will be critical to packaging professionals in the future.
  • Prompt Two: Among the main packaging functions (containment, protection, communication and convenience), which function is most important to you and why?

Sources: Information will include secondary research, as well as primary discussions with 3-5 recognized senior level packaging professionals.

Please submit your college or university transcripts if you are an incoming students ONLY who have not completed courses before fall 2021

Resume or CV Submission:
Submit your most recent CV or resume  (PDF FORMAT)
Title Resume/CV: (LastName_FirstName_resume.pdf) for an example (Spartan_Sparty_resume.pdf)

Please note: If the files are not submitted correctly, you will not be eligible for scholarship consideration.


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