The Center is positioned for global reach and impact and, to this end, the Center is responsible for:

  • Initiating global research and developing collaborative partnerships.
  • Developing international outreach initiatives.
  • Developing international educational opportunities.

The Center’s foundation is built on three main areas of concentration: research, outreach, and education.


The center conducts primary, pioneering research focused on the following five main areas:

  • The role of packaging in promoting sustainability.
  • Innovation for improved sustainability.
  • Integrated end of life solutions.
  • Improving Lifecycle assessment methodology for validating sustainability of packaging systems.
  • Enhancing the safety of packaging.

See Current Research section for further details.


The center provides outreach materials and venues to bring new information to industry, government, and NGO’s that includes:

  • Research update seminars.
  • Bi-annual publication of significant new information and reviews.
  • A web-based resource center providing a broad range of information related to sustainable packaging.
  • A research database on sustainability.


The Center integrates sustainability into all levels across our teaching mission:

  • Developing undergraduate course materials related to sustainable packaging.
  • Developing on-line courses and training materials in sustainable packaging suitable for packaging professionals and potentially leading to certification programs.
  • Establishing an international presence for the Center through research, education, and training centers.
  • Developing a global network of sustainable packaging organizations.
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