Tony Trier

PhD Candidate

Tony Trier

 Tony Trier graduated from Michigan State with a MS in Packaging in 2012. He has worked extensively with Dr. Laura Bix on various projects, all of which investigated the interface between the package user and the package system. His master's thesis investigated contamination of packaged contents and how packaging width influenced the ability to aseptically deliver the items to a simulated sterile field. Tony's work leans on multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems; he has experience working with mechanical engineers on kinematics projects and has leaned on psychology principles such as "affordances" to engage problems with design. Visit his website for more info

Research Focus:

Tony's research deals primarily with medical packaging in the operating room setting. Tony's dissertation is investigating causal pathways of physical contact and airborne contamination in the context of the package design. Tony's research employs both quantitative and qualitative means of defining and addressing the issues at hand.

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