International Leadership

Since the early years of international activities at Michigan State University, faculty in the Department of Agricultural Economics/Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics have been called upon periodically by Departmental, College, and University leaders to guide the establishment and operations of international activities.  These were sometimes group as well as individual stocktaking and forward-looking exercises, always aimed at keeping international activities alive, growing and producing meaningful as well as integrated contributions to the Departments, as well as to the College and University teaching, research and outreach portfolios.  

A number of milestone guidance documents and other support efforts are listed below starting as early as 1959 and have continued to the present.

These were all directed towards the challenge of helping inform the question of how AEC/AFRE’s and broader MSU’s international involvement could grow and best contribute to a wide range of domestic and international stakeholders.  Since AEC/AFRE was formally established in 1949 until to 2015 there have been 8 different Department Chairpersons and 3 section heads/acting leaders who have each helped guide and support Departmental faculty during their respective tenures.  Four of the first five Chairpersons were each active participants in implementing and shaping international activities (Boger, Hathaway, Riley, and Manderscheid) before taking on Departmental leadership duties.  In more recent times, Connor, Hamm and Hanson have grown into taking important international as well as domestic leadership roles but coming primarily with domestic agriculture experiences.  Connor's summary insights (10 commandments) on international dimensions of the Department have been of lasting value.

Historical Contributions of AEC/AFRE Faculty to Guidance on Departmental and MSU International Programs