Dairy Markets and Policy Proposal - Farm Service Agency for Educational Decision Tools [2014 - 2015]

Co-Principal Investigators

This is a sub grant from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign with funding from The United States Department of Agriculture.   Dr. Chris Wolf, AFRE/MSU, will collaborate on educating and examining producer decisions related to the Dairy Margin Protection Program.  Specifically AFRE will conduct applied research to examine how producers are making decisions about coverage level and coverage percentage, how these decisions are affecting the use of private risk management tools, and how the Margin Protection Program is affecting farm financial performance.

In addition Dr. Wolf will disseminate findings through peer-reviewed academic journal article outlets as well as through other avenues directed at the dairy industry, stakeholders, and extension audiences throughout the United States.

Implementation Jul 2014 – Jun 2015.

Prior work on this topic: