Food Security II Cooperative Agreement. [1992 - 2002]

Co-Principal Investigators

Background - FS II Cooperative Agreement - (Oct 1992 – Sept 2002)

The objective of this USAID funded project was to increase food security in developing countries as part of broad-based, market-orientated, sustainable economic growth. A sub-objective was to ensure adoption by public and private sector decision makers (including A.I.D. and other donor agencies) of effective policies, programs and management processes that promote food security, based on project-generated research and analyses. FS II researchers and host-country collaborators engaged in the following activities:

1.  Applied research on policy-relevant food security issues, including household-level data collection and analysis, country-specific studies and cross-country syntheses of research findings.

2.  Policy dialogue, networking, and dissemination via meetings, interim reports, workshops and publications to assist USAIDs and participating host governments to identify food security issues, design food security research activities and/or demonstrate policy and program applications of the project's research findings.

3.  Capacity-building through on-the-job training of researchers and analysts within host countries and selective funding of host country graduate degree research.

4.  Applied research/outreach themes:

  • Improving access to food by vulnerable groups
  • Policy/cctions to promote food security through broad-based income growth
  • Designing cost effective food-systems and related institutions
  • Strengthening farm and non-farm sources of income

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