National Institute of Agricultural Research - Niger. [1977 - 1978]

Co-Principal Investigators

Non-AFRE Co-Principle Investigators: Other AEC/AFRE Faculty. Tom Zalla. Tom Carroll (Center for Advanced Studies in Develpment-MSU)

Project Name:           National Institute of Agricultural Research - Niger (INRAN) *
Donor:                        United States Agency for International Development
Contract No:              AID/ Afr-C-1372 
Location:                    Niger
Duration:                    September 1977-0ctober 1978
Budget:                       $39,984

Project Goals:           To design an agricultural economics research program in Niger as an integral part of INRAN.

Project Plans/Objectives:

1.    To strengthen computer research capabilities in order to analyze larger volumes of data.

2.    To further develop the skills of INRAN personnel through AID participant training activities.

Project Summary: This project was designed to ascertain ways in which INRAN might be strengthened in its ability to collect, process, and analyze data. A project paper was produced for AID, but no projects were subsequently funded.

* This description is adapted from work by Nancy E. Horn, an MSU alumnus from the Anthropology Department, published in 1985 “A Project History of Michigan State University’s Participation in International Development for the period 1951 – 1985”.  See AFRE Emeritus Faculty - Acknowledgements