Producer Education Support Tools Project [2014 - 2015]

Co-Principal Investigators

This is an AFRE Sub-Award from the University of Illinois as part of a federal financial assistance award from U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency.  This cooperative project will support development and support of online tools for producers that would use broad USDA assumptions related to commodity estimates for a multi-year period and provide farmers and ranchers an opportunity to enter variables such as crops, acres, yields, and prices as part of their consideration of producer options for commodity programs authorized by the 2014 Act and for the Non insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)

The components of the internet-based decision support tools include: (1) information input to support calculation of the basis for the yield guarantee; (2) calculation of the yield guarantee; (3) calculation of the premium associated with by-up; and (4) a systematic appraisal of the indemnities / payments that would be forthcoming under alternative yield scenarios

The role of the principals of this subcontract include:

  • Providing the specifications for the development of the internet-based tool (the tool with draw upon current partner internet-based approaches currently in use or that have undergone beta testing);
  • Beta testing including work with farmers, lenders, and FSA;
  • Development of supporting materials including Fact Sheets, supporting train-the-trainers Webinars and Webinars for farmers and lenders;
  • Facilitation of program maintenance since buy-up is an annual decision over the life of the Farm Bill.

Implementation Jul 2014 – Sept 2015.