Project to Mobilize Food Security Initiatives in Mali - Phase II

Co-Principal Investigators

'' This is a Food Security III Associate Agreement funded by USAID Mali.  The general objective is to strengthen the capacities of the Malian government and higher education bodies in Mali to develop market-friendly food security and agricultural policies consistent with CAADP (The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme). Specific activities include:

  • Further enhance and develop technical and analytical skills of the CSA (Malian Commissariat of Food Security)and related support agencies;
  • Assist in the implementation of food security plans country-wide;
  • Develop an academic and practical curriculum for IPR Katibougou to help educate next generation of Mali an food security policy analysts and agro-business specialists;
  • Help Mali complete background analysis and organization of its Round Table, leading to preparation and signature of Malis CAADP compact.

Implementation:  Apr. 2013 - Sept. 2014.

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