Using Markets To Coordinate The Provision Of Multiple Agri-Environmental Services

Co-Principal Investigators


PIs Richard Horan, Cloé Garnache, Robert Shupp, and Carson Reeling will jointly work on all aspects of developing simulation models of agricultural production and associated environmental impacts, and using these models to examine economic and environmental tradeoffs and associated policy design issues.  All PIs will participate fully in each aspect of the proposed work, but each will also provide leadership over particular areas.  Horan will lead those aspects of the analysis focused on theory, as well as components focused on water quality issues.  Garnache will lead the design of numerical simulations, and she will also lead components focused on habitat issues.  Garnache and Reeling will co-lead components focused on climate change issues.  Reeling will take the lead on data collection and model calibration.  Shupp will take the lead on the design and implementation of experiments.


We will hire two ½ time graduate research assistants (Level III), who will be enrolled in the Agricultural Economics PhD program in the department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at Michigan State University.  The first student will be employed in each year of the project and will assist in all aspects of the project.  The second student will be employed in the final year to help with completing any experiments, running simulation models, and helping to analyze results.