Zambia Food Security Research Project / INDABA Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) [2013

Project Overview

  • MSU/AFRE through the Zambia Food Security Research Project (FSRP-III), which is an Associate Award under the FS III Cooperative Agreement, receives Project Researchers Interviewing Farm Familyfinancial assistance from USAID/Zambia and SIDA/Zambia.  This work supports the development of the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) a new robust, autonomous and sustainable agricultural policy research and outreach institution.
  • The project also works to build capacity for agricultural policy analysis more broadly in Zambia. It works in a collaborative framework involving the current Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), the Central Statistical Office (CSO),the University of Zambia (UNZA),and other selected Zambian organizations.
  • In addition, MSU will help IAPRI to run a Competitive Grants Fund (CGF) program to nurture local capacity and local dissemination of knowledge to mainstream audiences through commissioning and mentoring local groups to undertake policy analysis and outreach.
  • The overall mission of the program is to generate and integrate research findings into national, regional, and international policy strategies to promote sustainable agricultural growth as a means to cut hunger and poverty in Zambia.

Implementation Timeline

  • Implementation: Apr. 2013 - Sept  2016.

Project Information

      Experimenting with electronic vouchers for agricultural inputs

Electronic voucher (phone scratch card which farmers can redeem at selected input dealers)

Example of Voucher Scratch Card

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